As a picture book author, we read lots and lots of picture books in our house. One of our new favorites is CRANKENSTEIN, written by Samantha Berger and illustrated by Dan Santat. I interviewed my daughters about what they loved most about the book and it was for the same reasons that I did! Go figure.

CRANKENSTEIN by Samantha Berger and illustrated by Dan Santat

Why did you like this book? 
This book was really funny! It's about a boy who is VERY, VERY cranky at different times and he turns into a CRANKENSTEIN. A kid can understand because most kids get cranky about things like getting up and going to school and being too hot or too cold or when you have to take yucky medicine.

What did you think about the illustrations?
The pictures are really, really funny! The book is short, (because it's not a chapter book) so it's fun to read before bed a couple of times by yourself and then with your Mom or Dad or whomever isn't too tired to read it to you again.

The illustrator, Dan Santat wrote that he deprived himself of morning coffee so he would be good and cranky while illustrating the book. Is that true, Dan? We want to know! 
Not true, according to Dan, "No, I drank coffee. Lots of it in fact. No coffee would make me psychotic like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. I can't be TOO cranky." 

So true, Dan. So true.

Oh, and there are lots of Onomatopoeia in CRANKENSTEIN. In case any of you need some inspiration with your writing, some writing colleagues and I have put together a little reference book to help you out-  /uploads/2/0/6/1/20616606/onomatopoeia_book-1.pdf 

There you have it, folks! A two "thumbs up" from the Kearns kids in New York and a handy writing reference tool.

Now go and get YOUR KIDS a copy of CRANKENSTEIN! 

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08/27/2013 6:00pm

That looks so cute! We'll have to check it out. :D

08/27/2013 6:55pm

It is, Meg! You'll love it!


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